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There’s nothing better than a hot shower to start, or end, your day! For these magical experiences, you’re going to need one of the best hot water systems Tweed Heads can provide. That’s where we come in! Zen Plumbing specialises in solar hot water systems, and can supply and install a top-quality system for your home or business.

Our customers are of utmost importance to us, and we believe that our 20 years in the industry attest to this. We approach every job using the latest technology backed by reputable brands that are leaders in their field. Equipped with this knowledge and quality equipment, our expert team can install Tweed Heads hot water systems that will maximise your energy savings.

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We have been working with solar and hot water systems in Tweed Heads for the last two decades. Over that time, we have become proficient in split cycle systems and rooftop thermosyphon systems. If you are looking for licensed professionals with years of industry knowledge to install these designs in your home or office, search no more. Be wary of cheap installers that promise the world and don’t deliver the hot water. 

With our industry expertise, we can source, supply, and install a system backed by a quality brand. Using the correct setup, you can generate enough energy savings to reduce both your energy bill and environmental impact. Should you need a quote for maintenance on your existing Tweed Heads hot water systems, we can help with that too. We promise to deliver a high-quality service that meets your satisfaction.

Supply Reputable Brands

We pride ourselves on sourcing and installing reputable name brand products at an affordable price. All of our equipment is selected based on supplier reputation and quality. As such, you can expect to see names such as Solahart and Rheem appear on your quotation. We firmly believe that sourcing from reputable brands will see to the longevity of your Tweed Heads hot water system. 

Whether you want to invest in gas or electric storage heaters, or go the route of installing solar on your rooftop, rest assured that we will supply you with only the best. This goes for any spare parts that we might install for you too. Everything we source is genuine and backed by the supplier. That way if anything goes wrong, we have the quality assurance of a reputable brand to fall back on and get the issue resolved quickly and efficiently.

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Save on Energy Bills

Energy bills can be unnecessarily high – and in this day and age, anything to get those costs down is appreciated. With climate change a hot topic, it’s also important to consider the effects of your actions on the environment. To reduce your footprint, it’s a great idea to check out the benefits of solar heating water systems and use a natural source of energy. These are definitely an investment for a more environmentally friendly, low-cost household. 

Factors such as watts used, the physical size of the system and its durability are all important if you’re considering installing solar hot water systems in Tweed Heads. Additionally, the latest gas and electric storage heaters are also incredibly energy efficient. Using the latest technology these heaters can be set to maintain optimal water temperatures without using excessive energy. Whichever you choose, Zen Plumbing supports your movements to become more sustainable and cut down on your energy usage.

Competitive Quotes

We offer competitive quotations to anyone who needs our assistance. We believe in getting the job done right, and giving our customers the best value for their money. Our reputation and time spent working in the industry are testaments this. No matter the time of day, give us a call, send us an email, or contact us via our website and we will get back to you. 

We pride ourselves on being professional, punctual, and positive so you can expect a quick response to your enquiry. If you need a service that Zen Plumbing can assist you with, our licensed technicians will be more than happy to give you a helping hand! Our expertise on the best solutions for your home or business can go a long way.

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The team at Zen Plumbing prides themselves on being punctual, professional and positive…if you contact us and feel you’ve received anything other than this – we will work to resolve any issues until you’re completely satisfied. Whether you’ve simply submitted an enquiry, or you’ve booked a job that you weren’t satisfied with – we will work through any issues until you’re 100% satisfied…that’s the Zen Plumbing way.

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